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Personal Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic Life Coaching will help you find the imbalance in your life, and help you live a more balanced and fulfilled life. 

As a Mind and Body Practioner, I will help you understand the scientific connection between your mind (thoughts) and body (health and wellness). 

I will work alongside with you to help you quiet the noise of life to become your authentic True self. I will help erase all of the negative programming you've been taught over the years, and not even consciously aware. 

I will help you rewire your brain to have more healthy and positive thoughts, that will trickle into every part of your life. 

I use scientifically proved methods such as meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology, and cognitive behaviour interventions. 

Whether you are on the verge of a burnout, feel like you are lacking direction in life, or are generally unhappy and unfilled, my coaching program will help. you find the answers you are seeking. 

My belief is that you are the expert of your life and your body. I will help you uncover the and peel away the suffering, leaving you more empowered to live your best life. 

Book a free call with me to find out if I can help you become your True authentic self and live your BEST life!

What my clients say

" Lynn. helped me gained confidence and clarity on the functioning and non-functioning aspects of my life and some tools to manage them. I have a lessened feeling of being stagnant and a heightened feeling of a capability for change and growth. She taught me that it's okay to fill my cup first in order to better benefit myself and those around me."


"My coaching experience was great! I was kind of sceptical at first as to how this would help me, but Lynn made it so easy to talk and open up that it seemed so natural.I was not sure how this was going to work as a “treatment” for my issues, but I was pleasantly surprised and like it."


"My coaching experience was vital to helping me move forward. Lynn was very warm and inviting.  I felt very comfortable to share."


"Coaching was a very positive experience that helped reveal some key insights.  I felt that this was done in a clear and comfortable (yet also the right amount of challenging) way.  It left me feeling more empowered and set up with achievable goals, ready to start a new chapter in life."


"It was a very informative, helpful and uplifting experience. Lynn was able to give me a new perspective regarding my concern which immediately improved things for me. It was a though she turned a light on for me. She suggested valuable resources and tools as well as tasks to work on independently that were very inspiring."


"Lynn was able to pinpoint the exact tools to use to achieve the greatest benefit.  For example she used a medicine wheel technique which resulted in some surprising insights for me about which areas of my life needed more attention (when I was putting a lot of negative energy into a different area).  This was very unexpected and has allowed me to shift focus, and develop strategies for improving those areas which truly needed attention.  


"Lynn gave me pieces of ‘homework’ which helped me narrow in on certain priorities and strategies for moving forward.  I felt good progress was made during and between the sessions and there was a clear purpose for each discussion.  She also recommended some reading which I’ve found very valuable.


"I really valued Lynn's positivity and energy, she clearly is meant to inspire others to become an amazing version of themselves".

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