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Launch date: October 1

3 Steps to 
Reduce stress and burnout,
Improve your relationships,
Find more life direction 

When you spend your life in a state of overwhelm, it becomes difficult to enjoy life. Everything seem onerous and exhausting. Even the things you want to enjoy, or "should" enjoy. 

Overtime, things only seem to get more fast past, or another "crisis" seems to arise. There doesn't seem to be an end.

You might be asking yourself when things will finally get easier. When will life become enjoyable again.

This eventually results in feeling disconnection with loves ones, and feelings of extreme loneliness sink in.

This is often followed by physical symptoms that are mysterious, difficult to diagnose, or difficult to manage.

In every instance, more energy is being drained from you, and there is little time to recharge.

It seems like a vicious cycle and you don't see a way out of it.

Sound familiar?


These are all things I struggled with HARD in my 30’s. I truly did suffer!
I struggled with mysterious symptoms and illnesses that lead to multiple diagnoses such as fibromyalgia, anxiety, IBS, PCOS, etc.


I also seemed plagued with toxic relationships, and I seemed to attract drama when I wanted peace so badly.

In the middle of the pandemic, I had my third burnout and I knew I had to make some major life changes. And I did!


I already knew that there was a connection with the mind & body, but I wanted to know more so that I could help myself, and others from this unnecessary suffering.


As a certified Mind & Body Practitioner, and Holistic Life Coach I now have the knowledge and tools to help you overcome these challenges once and for all, and in a holistic and natural way! 


Once you understand the link between the mind and body, and how you have the knowledge, wisdom, and power to ease all of your suffering, you will have a blank canvas to create the life you truly love!

My clients have reported benefits such as:

More energy

Better mood

Improvement in symptoms of chronic illness

Reduction in symptoms of anxiety & depression

More time

More happiness and joy

Less guilt

Increase hope for future

More passion

Improved relationship with spouse

More life clarity


I will provide you...

Tools and resources that scientifically proven to help

Workbook that creates a personal wellness plan tailored to you

Support and guidance every step of the way

Root to Rise

A 12 week self-paced online coaching program to help you with stress and burnout, relationships, and life direction.

The program is set up into a 3 step process.


to Self-Awareness

Week 1: Mindfulness

You will learn about mindfulness, breath and meditation and how they can help reduce stress and enjoy your life more. I will teach you how to create a daily ritual, and how to practice mindfulness in your everyday life. Mindfulness is scientifically proven to have many benefits on mental health, illness, and life satisfaction.


Week 2: Your Beliefs and Thoughts

You will gain an understanding of how your core beliefs are created and maintained and how to become aware of them.  I will teach you how to change the beliefs that no longer serve you. Having your beliefs and thoughts aligned with your actions creates more success in life.


Week 3: Your Emotions

You will gain an understanding of the power of your emotions, and how to move through with more ease. I will teach you how to embrace your emotions without suppressing them. This will  help with trapped emotions in your body that are causing various symptoms and illnesses.


Week 4:  Reconnect with Yourself and Your Inner Child

You will gain an understanding of how your inner child affects your life. I will teach you how to embrace this part of yourself and become more aligned with your true self. This will increase your happiness in life.


your Self-Love

Week 5: Why Self-Love is Important & How to Improve the Relationship with Yourself

You will gain an understanding of what self-love actually means and why it's vital to your overall health, wellness and life fulfillment. I will teach you how to love yourself and how to practice self-love. This will set the stage for all other relationships in your life.


Week 6: Your Needs and Your Energy

You will gain an understanding of what needs are going unmet. I will teach you how to have these needs fulfilled, and how to protect your energy. This will lead to less resistance in your life and feel more in control of your life.

Week 7: Healthy Relationships

You will gain a better understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like. I will teach you how to create healthier relationships and identifying toxic relationships. This will help improve your communication skills and confidently set boundaries.


Week 8: Stress Management

You will gain an understanding of the science behind stress, and where your stress originates from. I will teach you to reduce your stressors and also how to complete the stress cycle. This will help release stress and emotions from the body and increase your resilience.


into Self-Empowerment

Week 9: Developing a Growth Mindset

You will learn what a growth mindset is and why it is important. I will teach you how to improve your mindset and include the hot topic of money mindset. This will help you have more control over your life, and lead a more abundant life.


Week 10: Energy and Visualisation

You will gain an awareness of how all things are energy and the idea of visualisation. You will learn how 'high-vibing' foods and emotions can help your overall wellbeing, as well as visualization as a tool you can use. I will help you gain an understanding of the concept of Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration will help create the life you desire.


Week 11: Becoming Your True Self

You will gain a deepened understanding of who you are and what your innate traits are. I will show you the tools for you to discover your own life purpose. This will lead to a more aligned life, leading to more happiness and life fulfillment.


Week 12: Creating a Life you Love: Building New Habits

You will learn how to empower yourself to create the future of your dreams. I will teach you the science behind habits and you will create your own unique wellness plan. This will help you confidently move forward with a sense of purpose and identity.

Think you're too busy?

Lessons are between 1-2 hours per week

1-2 hours per week on various tools and exercises

Everything is available online and via your phone

The course is self-paced and there is no time limit to complete!

Invest in yourself and your future!

You are worth it!

You are worthy!

You deserve to be happy!



"I completed a 4 week program with Lynn and it was quite literally life changing!

Her life coaching skills are amazing. She was wonderfully patient and willing to go the extra mile to make sure that my mindfulness journey was just that - mine! She was precise in her coaching and knew which tools would best work for my maximum personal growth.  Because of her, I've established a solid self-care foundation that will keep improving as time goes on. Lynn's coaching give me permission to put myself first without guilt for the first time in over 10 years. (Which as a mom, is huge!). I look forward to working with her again in the future; all women should be so lucky to have the opportunity."

"Coaching was a very positive experience that helped reveal some key insights.  I felt that this was done in a clear and comfortable (yet also the right amount of challenging) way.  It left me feeling more empowered and set up with achievable goals, ready to start a new chapter in life."

" Lynn. helped me gained confidence and clarity on the functioning and non-functioning aspects of my life and some tools to manage them. I have a lessened feeling of being stagnant and a heightened feeling of a capability for change and growth. She taught me that it's okay to fill my cup first in order to better benefit myself and those around me."


"My coaching experience was great! I was kind of sceptical at first as to how this would help me, but Lynn made it so easy to talk and open up that it seemed so natural.I was not sure how this was going to work as a “treatment” for my issues, but I was pleasantly surprised and like it."


"My coaching experience was vital to helping me move forward. Lynn was very warm and inviting.  I felt very comfortable to share."


"Coaching was a very positive experience that helped reveal some key insights.  I felt that this was done in a clear and comfortable (yet also the right amount of challenging) way.  It left me feeling more empowered and set up with achievable goals, ready to start a new chapter in life."


"It was a very informative, helpful and uplifting experience. Lynn was able to give me a new perspective regarding my concern which immediately improved things for me. It was a though she turned a light on for me. She suggested valuable resources and tools as well as tasks to work on independently that were very inspiring."


"Lynn was able to pinpoint the exact tools to use to achieve the greatest benefit.  For example she used a medicine wheel technique which resulted in some surprising insights for me about which areas of my life needed more attention (when I was putting a lot of negative energy into a different area).  This was very unexpected and has allowed me to shift focus, and develop strategies for improving those areas which truly needed attention.  


"Lynn gave me pieces of ‘homework’ which helped me narrow in on certain priorities and strategies for moving forward.  I felt good progress was made during and between the sessions and there was a clear purpose for each discussion.  She also recommended some reading which I’ve found very valuable.


"I really valued Lynn's positivity and energy, she clearly is meant to inspire others to become an amazing version of themselves".

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