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Free 30 day trial

Mindfitness Membership

"Mental fitness is defined as having and maintaining a state of well-being and cultivating awareness of how we think, behave and feel. Just as physical fitness provides us with an increased ability to respond to life in all its richness, mental fitness helps in the same way"


MindFitness Membership

The equivalent of a gym for your mental health and mindset.

Includes a community of like minded women who have the common goal of supporting empowering themselves and others. 

You'll have access to a member's only area that includes tools and resources, a forum for discussion, and monthly challenges that will lead to a healthier mind. 

Yoga Group
You need a good support system when trying to make lifestyle changes. A tribe of women who celebrate your strengths and embrace your weaknesses. 


About monthly challenges...

I can personally say that Lynn is worth it!!

Meditation has changed my world, and so many wonderdul things have happened.

More patience...yes!

More energy...yes!

Chronic illness symptoms getting milder...yes!

Kids allowing me to meditate...yes! (Because even they are starting to see the benefits in letting me)

Overall sense of optimism...yes!

Vibing to get others on board...yes!

Food for the soul it is.

My days ALWAYS go so much better when I start off with a morning meditation. I feel more grounded, mindful, calm, happy... I seem to miss about two days a week (no excuses - I know!!) and when I do I really feel the difference. I feel more scattered, tense...

I think I might print off a 100 day chart and stroke off my meditations each day as a reminder - would love to get to 100 consecutive days.

My soul feels lighter today


Thank you so much. Feeling rested this morning. Starting Journaling last night but was turning into a novel. I knew when to shut it down and rest. Thank you so much!

Make your mental health and mental fitness a priority. 

You will learn a wide range of tools and techniques to improve your mental health and cognition. Techniques are scientifically proven to help reduces stress and depression, as will become more efficient and happy in life.

Tools include mindfulness, meditation, journaling, and worksheets; as well as holistic approaches to issues such as insomnia, anxiety, and irritability.
MindFitness Membership is right for you if...
-you want to make lifestyle changes but you lack the knowledge and support

-you want to handle stress more easily and increase your resilience 

-you lack the time to research and learn new skills

-you feel alone in your journey, or feel you would benefit from support of others

-you need help to hold yourself accountable to the habits you want to change

-you struggle with mental health and lack the tools or support

-you're interested in areas such as mindfulness, mindset, the mind and body connection, holistic health, and self-healing. 
What sparked the idea of the MindFitness Membership?
I'm making a huge impact on the women I'm coaching individually, and I wanted to extend this support to as many women as possible. I only have limited spaces for individual coaching, and I don't want women to have to wait for services. I have also seen the power of community and tribe on my private Facebook page, and I wanted to provide a similar service that would also help women who are ready to make changes! I wanted to create a type of "gym" for women. Except rather than burning calories, building muscle and toning, you're working on your mind, mindset and mental health .I will help you workout your brain and your mind, because that's where everything starts! Mindset blocks can make even the most motivated individual return to old habits. 
What you get:

Access to member’s area on the Awakening website 

Live monthly support circles via Zoom

Free tools, resources, and worksheets to improve your mental health (includes free downloads of all of my visualizations)

Monthly "challenges" to practice skills and incorporate tools into your daily life

A community of supportive and likeminded women

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